Friday 14 July 2017

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Air Tent - Experience-based review

Following the disastrous experience with another brand of air tent, read the review here, you would have thought that it would have put me off them for life! But, following a visit to the camping centre, some excellent customer service, a significant amount of time having tours and reviews of other air tents, we chose the Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR. 

The guy in the camping centre (his name was Paul) listened to the needs that any new tent had to meet:
  • Accessible needs for someone with mobility disabilities / issues
  • Space, to prevent this person falling into things and causing themselves harm
  • Two bedrooms, one for the carer and one for the disabled person
  • One person had to be able to put the thing up by themselves
  • And a little future-proofing extra, namely additional ease of access, without a large 'step' to gain entry, just in case it's needed in the future
About the tent
A family tent that can sleep six, with a large living area. Five oxygen air tubes and a 'Vario' front door (which means you can move its position in the tent itself. Both wheelchair and pushchair friendly. Intelligent Frame (IF) Release Valve, which prevents the user from over inflating the poles. The list goes on, go check it out here on the Outdoor Revolution website

Having said all that, this tent meets all those needs. So here are my pros and cons list:

The plus points
  1. It is possible for one person to put this tent up, with little or no assistance
  2. It has two bedrooms, one sleeps four persons, the other two persons
  3. The IF system gives you a sense of security that you're not going to burst the poles by over inflating them.
  4. Windows, and oh wow does it have amazing windows! Lots of
  5. Zip down curtains instead of zip up, so they fall to the floor ready for rolling up, much easier than having to roll the bloomin things up from the bottom, which meant that my person with specific needs could open them without help. OK so I had to roll them up for safety, but that was no great hardship
  6. Wasted space it at a minimum. Meaning, walk to the edge of your tent, when your head touches the sides, check that dead space from your feet to the wall of the tent. This includes the bedroom space.
  7. Palatial beyond nothing I have encountered before.
  8. Two additional side doors, one with an eye-brow for that added protection from the weather
  9. The front section has a number of ways to leave open, two panes or just the one.
  10. Mesh on the two side doors
  11. Tinted windows
  12. 'Snug Rug' aka carpet (optional extra) has joins that come with safety mats to eliminate / reduce trip hazards.
  13. Zip in mesh door (optional extra), which can be used at the front instead of the window, the window can them be moved inside to divide the living space, or vice versa, its your own choice.
  14. Storm straps come with it, well, because you never know
  15. Sewn in ground sheet from the back of the bedrooms, right to the front door!
  16. Lounge liner (optional extra), offers an air gap on the roof of the 'living' area to keep the cool in and the warm out, an extra bit of shade
  17. You have an extra option of a third bedroom if needed (need to purchase this if you want it)
  18. Air poles are exceptionally sturdy compared to another brand
  19. Poles are pre-shaped, so the didn't distort in the wind
  20. It was still keeping out water after 18 hours solid of driving rain
  21. Footprint! Always get a footprint!
  22. Storage bag has wheels - cool!
  23. I'm sure my list will grow, but I think that just about covers it for a moment.
The negatives
I'm going to have to find some, so here goes:
  1. It weighs a lot! Had to be rolled in and out of the car by this here weakling 
  2. As with any big tent, you do need a little help packing it away

Did I mention it was palatial?

In conclusion:

If I put you off air tents with my previous review of another brand that uses the air pole system, then fear not, all is not lost, there are exceptional ones out there, and I think this is it for me!

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