Wednesday 26 July 2017

Handsome Antique Clock

To say I have a passion for clocks might just be a little bit of an understatement, as my children will no doubt agree and enlighten you on. 

I have been gifted this most amazing and beautiful old timer! But all I know about it so far, is that the guy it was bought from told me.

It was found in the corner of an antique store in Machynlleth when on a day out following in the footsteps of Owain Glyndwr and checking out the site of the old parliament building - A very outdoorsy day!

I'm doing my best to get a clearer image of the crossed arrows on the clock face

I have been told that ... "It's a Vienna Wall Clock made between 1890 and 1910." 

Not sure it the finial is original. 
It doesn't seem to have ever had anything on the left and right flat 'platforms' to have broken off
The pendulum may not be original either, this clock could have had an R=A pendulum 

It has a few bits if slight damage, but it doesn't take an antiques expert to see that the damage is old and the repairs (where made) are also aged and old.

I will be spending many weeks, yes, weeks, cleaning the case. The 'dirt' needs to come off, but some can stay on for the effect, but it's lived in a very smokey house and needs a little refreshing.

I'm not actually bothered if visitors or readers don't like it, it's beautiful, it works perfectly, it's one I have always longed for and it's mine.

Time for some research to find out all I can about this handsome time piece.

If you have any information and research on this clock that you'd like to share, leave me a message below

My research so far:
  • I searched for the crossed arrows on the clock face and found that it could be from the Hamburg American Clock Company / Hamburg Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik.
  • The crossed arrows or Pfeilkreuz seemed to have been the trademark for HAU and registered in about 1891
  • Possibly from Gustav Becker
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