Sunday 21 August 2016

The Sunken Deck

My kids (all grown up and fledged now), mostly laugh at me because, as they say, I'm the only person they know with a sunken deck and a raised patio!

On the birth of my first grandson, Brandon, I needed to completely redesign my garden to make it user friendly and safer. 

I was granted permission to erect the fence you see between my house and the house next door as the garden sloped down in that corner to a wall with at least a six foot drop the other side. I was not granted permission to build the wall up, so, to be able to use that part of the garden, I had to dig down to make a level.

Ok, so I didn't do all the digging by myself, my sons helped.

Stones unearthed would be repurposed elsewhere in the garden. Base materials eg the 4" X 1" for the fence, concrete, posts, frame for the decking etc, all had to be purchased because I couldn't repurposed from elsewhere.

In the true spirit of my garden's ethos, the decking was reclaimed. The table was gifted to me, the umbrella was reclaimed and, I'm happy with the whole look. It doesn't get used much, but it's safer than it was before.

It's a few years old in this picture, but looking better every day

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